Welcome to RECA



Welcome to RECA

     RECA welcomes you warmly to its website. RECA represents a group of health care personnel dedicated to improve emergency health care in Rwanda. Emergency medicine training has recently been introduced in the country.There is great need to consolidate every possible effort to provide better care for patients with acute illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention.This can only be achieved by working together.

     This website will give you recent developments in terms of emergency care in Rwanda.



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 Recent Events and News

  • RECA conference May 12 2017 ,and EMIT 01-11 May 2017 click here.
  • Basic DHS training to emergency care providers
  • Acute care in service training in 5 district hospitals
  • In pictures Emergency Medicine Training in Rwanda :Click here



The First batch of students has graduated from Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care and now training as MMeds in Emergency Medicine.In pictures Pictures 2 year PGD training : Click here