About Us

About RECA

Rwanda Emergency Care association is an association made up of Emergency medicine physician, Emergency Medicine Residents, Nurses and pre-hospital care providers both local and international with active involvement in emergency care in the country.

The idea of forming RECA came up after starting Emergency Medicine training in the country .Emergency medicine training in the Rwanda started in 2013 with a Post-Graduate Diploma which would continue to become an MMed in emergency medicine in 2015 ,there is also plan to develop emergency nursing and formal prehospital training. There was need to consolidate efforts and knowledge of emergency care personnel in order to develop quality emergency care in the country.

The main objectives of the RECA are:

To promote and improve emergency care through teaching, research and education.

To promote the specialty of emergency medicine.

To advocate for emergency care in Rwanda.

To lobby on behalf of members of the Rwanda Emergency Care Association for the promotion of and maintenance of the profession.
RECA Board

The  President

Dr. Mbanjumucyo Gabin – Emergency Medicine

Vice President

Nyinawankusi  J. D’Arc – Prehosital SAMU


Dr.Umuhire Olivier – Emergeny Medicine


Mukakamali Chance Delphine -Nurse

RECA management Committee

Musengimana J. Claude – Nurse

Uwitonze Eric – Prehospital SAMU 

Dr.Nahayo Ernest – Emergency Medicine 

Fraterne Zephyrin- Nurse

Niwenkunda Jeannette – Nurse